We’re on a mission to let everyone in the world get the emotional support they need — or want.

Spill was started by two friends who couldn’t believe how hard it was to access emotional support through the NHS, and how expensive it was through the private sector. Whether you’re suffering from a bereavement, feeling anxious, struggling with work and relationships, or just wanting to understand some of your thought patterns and habits, talking to a qualified professional is shown to work wonders — and we believe it should be a basic human right. Our aim is to smash down the barriers to accessing that support. We do that by working with organisations to make it free at the point of use for individuals, so that no one is excluded from getting support.

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the team

Meet the humans who make it happen

FounderCalvinCalvin started using technology for social good at university, building an online school and an ethical job search website. After graduating, he created Spill to make mental health support more accessable.What I Spill about: relationships and self expression.
AdvisorAnnemarieAnnemarie has over ten years experience working as a clinical psychologist. She runs two private practices and works as a national specialist treating people with BDD and OCD.What I Spill about: modern living and being a working mother.
MarketingWillAfter graduating from Oxford and Miami Ad School, Will spent eight years working in agencies, winning APG, Marketing Society and Cannes Lions awards for his campaigns.What I Spill about: boundaries and the manager from hell (Hi Calvin!).
EngineeringMattMatt studied Mechanical Engineering before flying off to Nazareth to Founders and Coders to learn software development. Straight after finishing the course, he started teaching it.What I Spill about: pressure and expectations of society.
ProductMariaMaria won a UN scholarship to study at UCL and Oxford before working at Microsoft in Seattle for 3 years and at Monzo in London as the Product Manager for overdrafts.What I Spill about: capitalism and the tragedy of existence.
OperationsEllieEllie studied Economics at Maastricht, the 'problem-based learning' university in The Netherlands. She then went on to work in Market Research, helping companies such as Ford and Trainline, better understand their customers.What I Spill about: expectations and feminism.