The Ultimate Guide to Burnout

Dozens and dozens of men and women slumped over their keyboards are writing to Spill about burnout, not breezily (as they might talk about it at the water cooler) but in earnest, sounding — heartbreakingly — like they can't go on anymore.

But they do go on. They keep showing up. They drag themselves to their showers, log onto their Zoom calls, and they do what they do slower and with less care, snapping at colleagues and testing their bosses' nerves with relentless negativity.

And they do turn up. And turning up like this costs employers a lot of money: 43% of all sick days in the UK are now due to burnout, which adds up to £5bn in lost productivity every year.

Read Spill's Ultimate Guide to Burnnout to understand how to identify, prevent and recover from burnout.

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