Happy Customers

Hear more about why they chose Spill — and what their teams get out of it

...and they're not the only ones!

"Spill has been invaluable to the team here at Wonderbly"

Michael Theoloudou

Head of People, Wonderbly

"Spill is helping us build a psychologically safe workplace for everyone"

Jenny Buch

People Director, Typeform

"Spill is by far the most impactful benefit we've ever rolled out"

Jess Ruben

COO, Judopay

"Every single employer, big or small, should provide Spill for their teams"

Liz Stevens

Head of Operations, Growth Street

"What sets Spill apart is that so many people use it and there's no stigma in talking about it"

Danielle Marie Bennun

People & Culture Partner, Permutive

"Spill entered into our life in 2020 and we've never looked back"

Faye McLean

Head of People, Eve Sleep