Give your employees access to fully qualified, experienced, UK-registered counsellors.

Only 5% of counsellors pass our 5-step hiring process, of the hundreds who apply

Not just that, but someone from Spill will have a therapy session with every applicant, to make sure they meet our standards.

All of our counsellors are BACP-registered or equivalent. We check qualifications and insurance. And we require 200+ clinical hours of experience.

Our senior clinicians monitor service quality and offer training and supervision

We collect feedback and clinical outcome information on every single session.

A Spill HQ clinician will personally email anyone who didn’t love their therapy.

All of our counsellors are required to address feedback in supervision.

Give individual people or your whole team access to experienced counsellors.
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We care about diversity

Our counsellors all come from a variety of cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds: no matter what challenge someone is facing, we’ve got the expertise to offer effective support.

The therapy booking system allows people to select which counsellor they want to have their session with.

As for the therapy...

We have next day sessions in several timezones, languages, therapy modalities, and specialisms.

We offer one off sessions, courses of therapy, and the ability to message a therapist.

Give your team access to the best counsellors, from £90 per session and no subscription.
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