Everything you need to support the mental health of your team

Same day sessions
BACP-registered therapists
No waiting lists, no callbacks

Easy access via Slack, Teams or Email

Our Slack, MS Teams, and Web apps let people access Spill through the tools they’re already using.

The therapy booking takes just a few clicks and we always have next day sessions.

Confidential feelings surveys followed by counsellor outreach

Never worry about an employee slipping through the cracks again. Our confidential feelings surveys means Spill is able to reach out to anyone we notice isn’t doing so well.

Give your team access to the best counsellors, from £90 per session and no subscription.
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Fully qualified, experienced, UK-registered counsellors

Each counsellor is registered with a UK regulatory body such as the BACP or equivalent.

Next day therapy in several languages, timezones and specialisms

Next day sessions in 15+ languages, 8+ timezones and 80+ specialisms, from anxiety to burnout to trauma.

Reduce sick days, boost productivity and get team morale back on track with Spill
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Admin tools for everything from spend control to usage reports

Our admin dashboard lets you do everything from managing who has access to Spill to seeing how Spill is doing at its job.

Friendly and rapid customer support and much more

We reply to most requests within one working day. If you even have to get in touch, that is, since most of the things you can do through the admin dashboard.

Give your team access to the best counsellors, from £90 per session and no subscription.
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“Spill helps us to support so many people while we’re growing so fast.”
Charlotte Maclaurin, People Partner
“The impact that Spill has had on SumUp employees has been tremendous!”
Kimberly Ibidapo-Obe, Workplace Wellness Project Manager
“What sets Spill apart is that so many employees use it ... it’s invaluable to the people here at Juro.”
Thomas Forstner, People Partner
“Having Spill’s instant support for the team is priceless.”
Linh-Chi Nguyen, Head of People