Mental health awareness initiatives

When it comes to mental health awareness initiatives, we divide them into internal initiatives that can help engage and retain current employees, and external initiatives to boost your employer brand and position you as progressive for potential hires.

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Internal mental health awareness initiatives to help employee engagement and retention

1. Watch Spill's talk on 'How to change the culture at your company' (60min) to give you some ideas. This talk looks at what employers and leaders to change workplace culture for the better — whether that's more open or more vulnerable — and finish with specific actions to try out.

A slide from the 'How to change the culture at your company' presentation

2. Share this visual on your company Slack to give everyone easy tips to improve their own mental wellbeing.
Keep an eye out on Spill's LinkedIn for more content like this that you can repurpose and share in your own organisation.

3. Use Spill's
'meaningful conversation cards' (PDF) to lead a team session around vulnerability and sharing. The cards have questions designed to kickstart more interesting and authentic conversations than your usual team-building activity or team social.

One of Spill's 'conversation cards'

4. Arrange for an external speaker to come in and lead a lunch & learn session on mental health. Spill currently offers a free lunch & learn talk to companies, entitled 'How to build strong mental health when life makes it difficult'. We've given the talk in over 100 companies including Not on the High Street, Citymapper and eve Sleep — and had some amazing feedback on it:

Learn more about Spill's mental health lunch & learns for companies here

External mental health initiatives to boost the employer brand

1. Put all your mental health and wellbeing benefits on your job listings and careers page. Whether it's offering no-questions-asked mental health days, providing free therapy to employees, or having mindfulness and yoga sessions for teams — the job listing is a great place to shout about what you're doing.

Some of Feeld's progressive benefits on their careers page

2. Take a stance on standing up for the importance of holiday.
Especially in the tech industry and fast-growing companies, people often don't take all their holiday allowance, or end up taking it but still doing bits of work. Join over 50 companies who've publicly taken action and shouted about it by signing up to Spill's Holiday Pledge. For more information on the thinking behind the pledge, read our blog post about why tech has a time off problem.

More than 50 companies, including Tech Nation, signed Spill's Holiday Pledge

3. Get ahead of the curve and put in place progressive policies and initiatives before they become commonplace.
An unlimited holiday policy was something to shout about a couple of years ago, but now it's nothing special. Try out some progressive policies while they're still new. We have a suggestion for one on the next page.

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