Do you work with teams of humans? 👯
And do those humans have brains? 🧠
And are you interested in helping those brains to avoid burnout, low morale, imposter syndrome, and the many other things that can hold them back from feeling good and doing great work? 😔
Then Spill Resources is the place for you.

Spill Handbooks

In-depth guides that take the latest principles in people, phychology and product and apply them to improving the workplace.

Build your own Mental Health Policy

A framework to help you put an overall mental health policy in place at your organisation - by copying and amending templates that we provide for specific policies, plans and initiatives.

The Ultimate Guide to Burnout

How to spot the symptoms of burnout, recover from it — and prevent it happening in your company again.

Company Culture Guides

Everything you need — policy templates, frameworks and specific initiative ideas — to change your company culture for the better.

Ask the H.R. Therapist

Spill Therapist and Manager Trainer, Graham Landi, answers your questions on people-related issues in the workplace.