Pricing that’s designed to be simple

No setup fees, hidden costs or contracts to lock you in
Support an employee who's struggling with their mental health
£0 per month
Pay-as-you-go therapy at £90 a session
For supporting specific employees
All the benefits of Starter:
  • Access to courses of therapy
  • Next-day sessions with a professional
  • Choose an allowance of 2, 4, 6 or 8 sessions
Turn on Spill mental health support for your whole company
£🔒 per month
Pay-as-you-go therapy at £65 a session
Provide access to Spill for your whole team
All the benefits of Starter, plus:
  • Access to one-off sessions
  • Library of professional mental health advice
  • Set an annual budget for spend on therapy
Spill makes it easy for an employee to access high quality counselling
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Choose your Spill support to suit your team’s needs

Next-day access to professional support
Next-day session slots
Vetted therapists (we accept 13% of applicants)
Spill runs a 5-stage interview process which means only 13% of all therapists that apply end up working with us - and your team.
Courses of therapy with the same therapist
One-off sessions
Library of professional mental health advice
Access to a library of answers from our therapists to questions ranging from 'How do I support a grieving friend?' to 'I feel exhausted when I wake up. What do I do?
Access via email
Easy access via Slack or MS Teams
Control your spend
Sessions billed pay-as-you-go
Give struggling employees an allowance of sessions
Employees can submit requests for therapy sessions with a choice to stay anonymous or include their names. You can choose to approve the request or decline with a note.
Give the whole team an allowance of sessions
Employees can request more sessions
The whole team can access therapy sessions up to a pre-approved cap set by you. If they need more sessions beyond the cap, they can request more or pay privately.
Employees can pay privately for sessions
If there is no company budget for further support, employees always have the option to pay for Spill privately.
Set an annual budget to never overspend
Proactive support with safety net
Regular team mood surveys
Counsellors proactively message those struggling
Reports on team mood over time
Give an employee the gift of high quality mental health support.
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Who are the therapists on Spill?
How much does Spill cost?
Which languages can employees have therapy in?
Is Spill secure and confidential? Can the company see messages?
Can I get Spill as an individual?
What if my question isn’t answered here?
What will I do with all that free time once my whole team is feeling super productive, harmonious, self-aware and cared for?!?
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