Mental health support that finds all the employees who

Weekly mental health checks to spot anyone at risk. 

Spill clinicians reach out to get those people into therapy. 

You get peace of mind knowing that your team is in safe hands.

Integrates with Slack & MS Teams
More effective than NHS therapy
Over 30,000 employees have Spill
No-strings rolling monthly contract
Find out why companies like Typeform and Depop are using Spill’s targeted support
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Spill’s targeted mental health support system is for companies that want action, not awareness

Spill 🐇
The other guys 🐢
Weekly mental health checks
Automatic weekly employee mental health survey
Proactive therapist messages
Spill therapists send messages to anyone starting to slip
Best-in-class workplace therapy
Proven to be more effective at reducing symptoms than NHS therapy
Next-day booking
Employees can book sessions in a few clicks
Seamless integrations
Employees access Spill through Slack and MS Teams
Global language support
Therapy sessions in 10 languages
In-platform wellbeing content
Mindfulness resources and tools for improving mental wellbeing
Mental health workshops and training
Webinars, manager workshops and and team awareness sessions

Hear from the companies using (and loving) Spill

“Spill helps us to support so many people while we’re growing so fast.”
Charlotte Maclaurin, People Partner
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“The impact that Spill has had on SumUp employees has been tremendous!”
Kimberly Ibidapo-Obe, Workplace Wellness Project Manager
“What sets Spill apart is that so many employees use it ... it’s invaluable to the people here at Juro.”
Thomas Forstner, People Partner
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“The only option for mental health support is to have something embedded in the way people work. And that’s why we love Spill.”
Paige Rinke, VP People & Talent
“Having Spill’s instant support for the team is priceless.”
Linh-Chi Nguyen, Head of People
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We love questions. Questions mean you’re serious.

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Is Spill secure and confidential? Can the company see messages?
Who are the therapists on Spill?
Which languages can employees have therapy in?
How much does Spill cost?
What if my question isn’t answered here?
What will I do with all that free time once my whole team is feeling super productive, harmonious, self-aware and cared for?!
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