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Spill gives your employees counselling and therapy when they are going through a tough time.

how it works

First, we spot which employees need extra emotional support with our simple survey.

Did you know that two thirds of employees don’t tell their employer when they struggle with mental health, even when it significantly affects their work?

User surveyUser survey

Calculate how much it would cost to cover everyone at your company.

what happens next

Then, anyone who’s really struggling gets six real therapy sessions through Spill...

Statistically, about 10% of people will struggle with a mental health issue in any given year.

Video therapyVideo therapy

Employees choose how

Phone, video, or message-based? Little and often or all at once? You decide

Confidential support

Employees arrange their sessions directly with Spill, meaning less HR admin

Only the best

We accept less than 10% of counsellor applications, and all are registered with a UK body

what happens next

...and everyone else can access wellbeing tools and advice, at any time.

This helps address small problems before they become bigger, work-affecting ones.


Read yourself into shape

The Spill bot gives hand-picked reading lists based on survey answers

Managers get guidance

Get email tips on warning signs that could indicate poor employee mental health

Ask a human

For any other worries, message one of our qualified counsellors and they'll reply within a day

Cover that starts at £8 per employee per month

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Calculate how much it would cost to cover everyone at your company.