Why Spill

This page is about how Spill works and the principles we hold.

We do one thing and do it well

We believe trying to be everything for everyone means that you end up being nothing to anyone.

That’s why we focus all of our efforts on providing high quality counselling and therapy, accessible in a few clicks. That’s it. We don’t offer wellbeing talks, workshops, mindfulness videos, wellbeing webinars, yoga videos, legal advice, wellbeing content, financial advice, career coaching or nutrition top tips. Spill will always be high quality counselling and therapy.

We think that work should be about work

It’s tempting, as leaders, to take full responsibility for employees mental health but this can be detrimental. Managers and peers are often not qualified to take on this responsibility and businesses ultimately have a limit for how much company time they’re able to spend supporting their people.

At Spill, we believe the business comes first and that this is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, it’s only if the business remains healthy that it can afford to offer something like Spill.

This belief is baked into how Spill works. Spill doesn’t encourage everyone to open up with colleagues about their mental health challenges. We don’t bring mental health to the forefront of your workplace. We don’t train managers to support employees with mental health conditions.

We do offer one-to-one support to employees with clear boundaries for how many sessions the business is able to pay for and we regularly check in with how employees are feeling through mental health check-ins. Both of these features are completely private and confidential for employees, meaning work stays about work.

We work best for small businesses

We keep faff low so it’s easy for small businesses to buy Spill and get on with the other million things on their to-do list. You can get pricing online and roll out access to Spill in minutes. The fastest anyone’s ever gone from landing on the website to one of their team booking a session is 18 minutes (the session took place the next day).

We also keep our prices as low as possible by not spending money on sales and marketing — you’re reading our whole sales pitch right now. This means lower overheads and more investment in the therapy itself.

We don’t turn people away for being “too severe”

When employees come to Spill for support we don’t ever ask for a doctors note to check for eligibility or run a pre-screening to filter our people who are “too severe”. Our service is set up to support anyone who’s struggling with their mental health.

Employees can book in a one off session if they’re feeling a bit meh or book a course of therapy for things that feel more serious. Our therapists are set up to handle either situation and everything in between.

We price the product transparently

We believe that you should only pay for the services that you actually use so you will always pay for therapy sessions on a pay-as-you-go basis.

We also keep our terms flexible at 30 days’ notice (no annual contracts here) meaning that you can cancel Spill if you ever find a better solution.