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Give any employee access to clinically effective therapy the next day

Why therapy is the 

most effective

 way to get employees back up and running again


Therapy reduces time off sick due to poor mental health

Research has shown that therapy has a statistically significant effect when it comes to reducing the amount of sick leave taken by employees

Therapy gets employees’ emotional stability levels back up

A meta-analysis of 207 studies found that therapy interventions increased people’s emotional stability by 51%, on average

More emotionally stable employees get more work done

When employees have higher emotional stability, they see performance pressure as challenging rather than threatening, which increases their productivity
Source: HAL AMU
Reduce sick days, boost productivity and get team morale back on track with Spill
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Why Spill Therapy is more effective than the NHS, EAPs or private health insurance

Therapy can’t be effective if people can’t access it. All employees can start Spill therapy the next day, whereas only 41% of people who get referred for NHS therapy actually get a course. EAPs and private health insurers turn away people with pre-existing mental health conditions.

Spill Therapy is better at reducing symptoms. Because Spill only hires the top 5% of therapist applicants, Spill Therapy reliably reduces mental health symptoms in 72% of cases, versus 64% for NHS therapy.
Why choose Spill Therapy for your employees?
No employee gets turned away or has to wait for Spill Therapy
Spill Therapy is more reliable at reducing symptoms

Spill Therapy in numbers

hours of clinical experience that all Spill therapists are required to have
of Spill users saw a reliable reduction in
low mood or anxiety scores
A ‘reliable reduction’ means a score decrease of 6+ for low mood or 4+ for anxiety (or both). With NHS therapy, 64% of people have a reliable reduction. (Source: IAPT)
Source: Spill data
NPS score for Spill Therapy
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Let your employees access Spill Therapy in the way that 

works for them

Speak to Spill therapists over message
Employees who don’t feel comfortable having a video session right away can start by messaging with Spill therapists.
Speak to Spill therapists over video call
Employees can have a bespoke course of therapy sessions on Spill. These are 50-minute video calls on end-to-end encrypted software.
Give your employees access to mental health support that actually has an impact
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