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Trial Session
For those interested to try Spill and see if it would suit their team
  • 50 min therapy session
  • 10 min chat about Spill
  • Zero commitment
Starter Plan
For those with only a few specific employees who are struggling
£90 per session
  • Next-day 
    Spill Therapy 
  • Easy access via web
  • Set individual therapy caps
  • Pay-as-you-go, no subscription
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Team Plan
For those looking to give mental health support to the whole team
£5 per person per month
+ pay-as-you-go therapy at
£65 per session
  • Next-day 
    Spill Therapy 
  • Access via web, Slack & MS Teams
  • Set a team therapy budget
  • Monthly contract, cancel anytime
  • Proactive care with  
    Spill Safety Net
    Spill Therapy reliably reduces mental health symptoms in 72% of cases. We do this by only hiring the top 5% of qualified therapist applicants and then providing extra supervision and training, as well as by letting clients select therapists by specialism. Learn more.
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Spill is aimed at companies that want to provide impactful support, not a company benefit that goes unused

Easy access
Easy access via Web app
You and your employees can access the Spill web app quickly and securely through email authentication, so you don’t need to remember passwords.
Easy access via Slack app
You can access Spill quickly and securely via our Slack integration, so you don’t need to remember passwords and can book therapy in just 3 clicks.
Easy access via MS Teams app
You can access Spill quickly and securely via our MS Teams integration, so you don’t need to remember passwords and can book therapy in just 3 clicks.
Next day sessions
We always have next day sessions available for booking, including evenings and weekends.
One-off sessions
For those specific issues, one off sessions are a simple and less intimidating way of getting the benefits of therapy.
Therapy courses
For things which require more than a one-off session, we also offer courses of varying lengths — we recommend six sessions, but the clients and the counsellor are free to change this.
Message-based therapy
Our Ask a Therapist feature lets you send a message to a therapist to get a thoughtful response back within 24 hours.
Tailored matching
You can choose your therapist by reading their bio, or let a Spill counsellor guide you to the best match in a one-off session or course first session.
15+ languages
We offer therapy in: Arabic, Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, Flemish, English, Estonian, French, German, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Maltese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romansh, Spanish and Swedish. More languages added all the time!
8+ timezones
We have session availability in all European timezones plus Australia, Japan, UAE, Canada and USA.
80+ specialisms
Our counsellors between them cover 80+ specialisms, the most popular of which are: ADHD, anxiety, bereavement, burnout, career counselling, depression, divorce, financial difficulties, life transitions, parenting, perfectionism, pregnancy, self confidence, social phobia, substance misuse, and trauma.
Service quality monitoring
We collect feedback and outcome measure on almost every session and our senior clinicians monitor service quality and offer regular training and clinical supervision to all our counsellors.
Clinical aftercare
Once an employee finishes a course of therapy or reaches the therapy cap set by their company, we can work with them to make a plan for further support — including offering them option to continue therapy by paying themselves, or finding other support options in their local area.
Plus One
Every quarter, your team will have access to 5 free Plus One sessions that they can send to a loved one who is going through a tough time.
Selective hiring process
Our five-step hiring process requires counsellors to complete several written tests which are assessed independently, as well as an actual therapy session!
Regular training and supervision
Spill offers training and supervision free of charge to all our counsellors. Our senior clinicians are monitoring service quality to keep training and supervision up-to-date.
Diversity and inclusion
We hire for diversity, so we can work with diversity. Our counsellors come from a variety of cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds and can work with everything gender diversity to neurodiversity — and much more.
Proactive Care
Proactive therapist outreach
Our regular confidential feelings surveys allow our counsellors to personally reach out to anyone that the system flags as at risk of burnout or showing signs of mental ill health.
Regular confidential feelings surveys
Spill integrates with your current business practices to collect regular feelings data confidentially, so we can spot when someone is showing early signs of burnout or worsening mental health.
Admin Tools
Detailed usage reports
We let you know how much Spill is being used each month, as well as by how many people, and we share feedback on sessions where the employee gave consent to share.
Billing & invoice management
The admin dashboard lets you see detailed billing information, such as past invoices and your upcoming payments. You can edit your payment details online.
Individual therapy caps
Spill lets you cap the amount of therapy that people are allowed to book for free, before paying for further sessions themselves.
Team therapy budget
As an alternative to individual therapy caps, or as an addition to it, Spill also lets you set the maximum therapy budget your team can access.
Automatic user management
We know when someone joins the Slack or MS Teams channel that Spill has been added to, so you don’t need to manually add or remove people.
Downgrade subscription online
You can dial the therapy support you offer up and down until it matches your team’s needs. You can do this in the admin dashboard, without needing to get in touch.
Everything Else
Friendly and rapid customer support
We respond to all queries within 1-2 UK working days, but we respond to most queries within hours.
Mental health talks from our Preferred Partners
We work with a variety of handpicked expert partners to offer you some of the best mental health talks available anywhere.
Team Workshops from our Preferred Partners
We work with a variety of handpicked expert partners to offer you some of the best team workshops available anywhere.
Resources library from our Preferred Partners
We work with a variety of handpicked expert partners to offer you a library of some of the best mental health content available anywhere.
Exercises library from our Preferred Partners
We work with a variety of handpicked expert partners to offer you a library of some of the best mental health exercise available anywhere.

Hear from the companies using Spill to keep their team’s mental health in good shape

“Spill helps us to support so many people while we’re growing so fast.”
Charlotte Maclaurin, People Partner
“The impact that Spill has had on SumUp employees has been tremendous!”
Kimberly Ibidapo-Obe, Workplace Wellness Project Manager
“What sets Spill apart is that so many employees use it ... it’s invaluable to the people here at Juro.”
Thomas Forstner, People Partner
“Having Spill’s instant support for the team is priceless.”
Linh-Chi Nguyen, Head of People
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