Mental health support for the employees

Give Spill access to any employees who need it right now.

Only pay for therapy sessions that they actually use each month.

Set your spending limit and Spill will get the best outcome for that budget.

Over 30,000 employees have Spill
No annual contracts to tie you in
End-to-end encrypted video sessions
Only BACP- and NCS-registered therapists
See how much Spill costs, whether you’re supporting a few employees or the whole team
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Spill is aimed at companies that want to provide impactful support, not a company benefit that goes unused

Starter Plan
Team Plan
Other mental health providers
Great BACP- or NCS- registered therapists
Fully-qualified therapists with 200+ clinical hours
Next-day booking for employees
Across different time zones and in 10 languages
Spending limits with therapy caps
Individual caps and limits let you stay in your budget
Only pay for the therapy you use
Get charge only if and when a therapy session has been used
Integrates with Slack or MS Teams
Make mental health support easy for people to find and use
Automatically spot mental health risk in your team
Using our pre-meeting or message-based weekly check-in

Hear from the companies using Spill support to keep their team’s mental health in good shape

“Spill helps us to support so many people while we’re growing so fast.”
Charlotte Maclaurin, People Partner
“The impact that Spill has had on SumUp employees has been tremendous!”
Kimberly Ibidapo-Obe, Workplace Wellness Project Manager
“What sets Spill apart is that so many employees use it ... it’s invaluable to the people here at Juro.”
Thomas Forstner, People Partner
“Having Spill’s instant support for the team is priceless.”
Linh-Chi Nguyen, Head of People

We love questions. Questions mean you’re serious.

Can I get Spill for myself as an individual?
Does my company need Slack or MS Teams to get Spill?
Is Spill secure and confidential?
Who are the therapists on Spill?
Which languages can employees have therapy in?
How much does Spill cost?
What if my question isn’t answered here?
What will I do with all that free time once my team is back at their best and feeling super harmonious, self-aware and cared for?!
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