All-in-one mental health support for employees.

Spill provides therapy sessions, manager mental health training, and regular feelings check-ins — embedded into your company's Slack.

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Supporting 200+ progressive companies

Before Spill: Founders, HR teams and managers are trying (and failing) to support people with their mental health, because people aren’t using EAPs and other wellbeing tools

After Spill: Struggling employees are triaged into therapy, anyone can book a one-off coaching session when they need it, and managers are trained to handle tricky situations

We get the pulse of your team each week.

A few questions before your weekly allhands or townhall meeting

Then, we help people based on the results.

We support individuals, teams, and the company as a whole.

We give therapy sessions to people who need them.

Employees can book video therapy sessions the next day or have a course of therapy with the same therapist each week.

We train managers to be more emotionally intelligent

Managers attend group sessions, led by a therapist, on how to handle tricky emotional situations, support reports with their mental health and balance managing performance with managing feelings.

We help you create an emotionally open culture

Therapy on Spill is used by over 50% of employees and our tools encourage employees to show vulnerability, express emotions and give each other validation.

See what others think of Spill

"I'm slightly overwhelmed by how much our team are in love with Spill"

James McMaster

CEO, Huel

"Spill is by far the most impactful benefit we've ever rolled out"

Jess Ruben

COO, Judopay

"Spill is helping us build a psychologically safe workplace for everyone"

Jenny Buch

People Director, Typeform

"What sets Spill apart is that so many people use it and there's no stigma in talking about it"

Danielle Marie Bennun

People & Culture Partner, Permutive

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Reach people where they are

Unlike EAPs or coaching services, Spill is typically used by more than 60% of a company's workforce in any given year. Woah.

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Integrates handily into Slack

You don't need to persuade employees to get an app or remember a login: just install Spill onto your Slack and it'll pop up for everyone.

Your team deserves the best

High quality support, any way you want it

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Speak to the best

Our counsellors and therapists are all BACP (or equivalent) accredited, and receive regular supervision to ensure high quality levels. We have a stringent five-stage hiring process to make sure that we only accept the best.

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Choose the medium

Speak to your therapist on the phone, over video call or by messaging them. We get that different people have different communication styles, so you can talk to your therapist however you feel most comfortable.

Take action before there's a problem

EQ boosting tools and training for managers, delivered by therapists

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Train your team

Our therapists run training sessions with managers on how to support their team with mental health. We can support managers with specific challenges or on broader goals such as how to create an emotionally inclusive culture.

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Level up your culture

Our culture tools provide a baseline for healthy and psychologically safe work culture. Designed by therapists and tested over the past year, we've tried to bring the human element of the office to remote teams.


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It's 2021.
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