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Next-day sessions
Next-day sessions
Say goodbye to long waiting lists, callbacks and application forms: booking a therapy session on Spill is a matter of just a few clicks. We have sessions as soon as the next day, as well as weekend and evening slots for employees who might not be able to do therapy in working hours.
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Hand selected counsellors
Hand selected counsellors
All the counsellors on Spill are fully qualified, fully insured and have a minimum of 200 clinical hours under their belt already.

But these are just the minimum requirements in order to apply to Spill: in fact, we only end up hiring the top 13% of applicants after a strict hiring process that includes a mock therapy session. In short: only the best!
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Global and inclusive therapy
Global and inclusive therapy
Modern teams are diverse and global, so therapy needs to be diverse and global too.

Spill has over 120 counsellors, and users are able to choose a counsellor of a particular sex or ethnic background, as well as those with experience working with the LGBT+ community. We also cover 10+ languages and timezones from USA to Australia.
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Over 500 small businesses and startups trust Spill to support their teams

Without Spill

Directors, founders or managers support employees when they struggle with their mental health.

With Spill

An employee who is struggling with their mental health can book a counselling session with a professional in three clicks.

Provide an employee with mental health support in minutes

1. Configure Spill to match your budget

2. Give access to employees who need it

3. Sit back and relax

Transparent and flexible pricing that works for your budget.
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Support your employees with handpicked counsellors we've personally vetted

Spill’s counsellor hiring and counsellor onboarding process

We verify qualifications and accreditations

All of our counsellors are registered with one of the two major UK governing bodies: the BACP and the NCS. All of our counsellors need to have have to have completed a 3-year degree or equivalent, and have at least 200 hours of clinical experience post-qualification.

We test for breadth and depth of psychotherapeutic expertise

We test for knowledge, expertise and clarity of communication by asking counsellors to submit explanations of different psychotherapeutic concepts. A clinician assesses their explanation and marks them against criteria including how accurate their explanations are, how clearly the explanations are laid out and how accessible they are to people without a counselling background.

We assess how well counsellors perform in different parts of their roles

The third step in our hiring process gives counsellors various scenarios and asks them to suggest what they’d do next in each situation. Here, we’re looking for how well they can problem solve and if they cut through the noise to pick out the most effective next step for each case.

We test for cultural fit

We don’t just want to work with great therapists, but with great counsellors who will understand our clients. So, the final stage each therapist goes through in our hiring process is a real therapy session with a member of the Spill team, to make sure that they’ll work well with everyone who uses Spill. We also hire a diverse range of counsellors, so that employees from a wide range of cultural backgrounds can talk to somebody who gets them, no matter their gender, sexuality or race.

We help our counsellors get better

With more than 80 counsellors working with Spill, we have a valued online community of professionals sharing resources and advice with each other to learn about new therapeutic techniques and approaches. We also run training on specific topics when we notice that there’s a gap in knowledge among the team, bringing in external experts to deliver sessions on subjects including neurodiversity and single-session therapy.

We provide monthly support

Every therapist working regularly with Spill is required to attend clinical supervision with a member of our senior clinical team, giving them the chance to discuss any problems and feel fully supported to take the right steps for each individual client. We also provide safeguarding supervision whenever a therapist is concerned about a client, to make sure that any risk is mitigated as safely and as quickly as possible.

Spill vs EAPs & Health Insurance

Spill is aimed at companies that want to provide impactful mental health support, not a benefit that goes unused

Health Insurance
One-off sessions
Course of therapy
Access method
Phone line
GP Referral
££ (pay as you go)

Mental health support that gets better and better

What we're doing to make the best employee mental health support possible

What we’re adding next

July 2024

Plus one support

Employees can gift a therapy session on Spill with somebody close to them

What we’ve recently added

June 2024

Send thanks

Employees have the option to thank their therapist after first and last session on Spill

May 2024

Bereavement support

People who go through a bereavement can use support stretched over a longer period of time

“If you are a startup like us, that doesn't have huge amounts of money, but needs every pound to really pay back, Spill is a really good place to spend your money.”

Rachel Carrell
CEO, Koru Kids

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