How Spill helped Stickee create a compassionate remote culture

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Stickee has extensive experience with software development, data analysis and marketing. They work with hundreds of clients, successfully delivering a wide range of software projects.

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Software service company Stickee has been using Spill to support its team since late 2021. They have since seen a significant improvement in the team’s willingness to talk about mental health and wellbeing.

Stickee had been operating in the post-pandemic world and were looking to help their team transition to more permanent remote working. They were aware that working from outside of an office required additional tools to support employee wellbeing and that's how they found Spill.

Creating a supportive and productive workplace

“When I introduce Spill to new employees, their response is amazing. Our employees feel valued and have mentioned that not many employers will pay for therapy sessions as Stickee has done with Spill.” says Stickee’s Spill admin.

”Spill has been instrumental in fostering a more supportive and empathetic environment, which has had a direct impact on the happiness and productivity of our employees.”

“In 2020 I had to take a break from work due to stress that was amplified by my anxiety, and I was worried that without support I would struggle at Stickee as I took on more responsibility.

My role is varied and complex and since 2020 I've been working to manage anxiety with varying success, so when Spill was introduced I started using therapy to identify and address the root cause of my anxious tendencies.

As each of the sessions have progressed I've been through a variety of emotions, but a consistent experience has been a feeling of "grounding" and "support". My continued sessions have been fantastically helpful.

While I know that my work is ongoing, my therapist has been there to support me through some significant changes in my life over the last 12-18 months. I feel more able to handle big and small changes that have previously left me feeling under pressure.

My anxiety plays out in a number of ways that can impact me in a work environment, and having a safe space to talk about my feelings and discuss different approaches has given me the freedom to explore conflict management.

I regularly recommend Spill to colleagues. The huge benefit that I see is the simplicity of access via internal tools such as Slack.

Knowing the cost of private therapy and having experienced the long waiting lists from the NHS I'm really proud to work for a company that invests in the mental wellbeing of its employees.”

Employee at Stickee

A confidential, judgement-free platform

“Spill has provided a confidential and accessible platform for our employees to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and challenges without the fear of judgment. This shift towards open dialogue has led to a more compassionate workplace culture where individuals feel valued and understood.

Implementing effective mental health support within a company is a crucial step towards creating a healthy and productive work environment. I would definitely advise that mental health support should be a priority in all environments but especially at work.”

“I have used the local NHS services and booked a few sessions of therapy through them. Unfortunately I didn't have a very good experience and felt that I was treated more like a number in the system.

Before booking a session with Spill, I had some health issues that contributed to my anxiety increasing and a few other changes in my life that lead to a period of depression.

Sometimes you get that feeling that you have failed if you need therapy, but I think it takes a lot of courage for someone to recognise they need help and ask for it.

I think the fact that I felt close to my therapist helped a lot in this process. I genuinely felt cared about and safe. Did the sessions help? Most likely. It's still a work in progress, not everything can get better over night. However, it's a bit of a blessing having someone to help guide you through your own journey!

I'm walking away from this rough patch with a whole new set of skills to brave the storms ahead. When I step back, I can see that I'm having more positive moments. I'm feeling motivated and optimistic about what lies ahead, and it's reflecting not only in my work but also in how I engage with others.

I think it's really awesome that my company offers a service like Spill to employees for free. It shows that they genuinely care about our wellbeing, not just as employees, but as individuals.”

Employee at Stickee
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