Never worry about an employee slipping through the cracks again

Why it pays to have a mental health detection system for 

your team

Average return on investment (per £1 spent) by type of intervention
Awareness raising initiatives are easy to implement but have less impact, and can be difficult to sustain over time as employees need to be re-engaged
According to Deloitte’s 2022 mental health report, screening programmes (like Spill Safety Net) have the highest ROI because they “provide targeted support at an early stage and prevent the problem from worsening”
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Spill Safety Net uses the judgement of real clinicians

Spill Safety Net works with systems you already use (calendar invites; Slack or MS Teams) to make sure everyone does a quick mental health check-in on a regular basis.

Spill then uses an algorithm with parameters set by real clinicians to make sure anyone at risk is spotted early.
Why use Spill Safety Net?
Developed during 500 hours of clinical research
Over 95% accuracy when trialled vs. real clinicians

Proactive mental health screening tools like Spill Safety Net: the difference in numbers

more people get therapy in companies that turn on Spill Safety Net
Source: Spill data
saved by the company
Proactively screening for mental health issues and addressing them before they become worse leads to fewer sick days, less ‘presenteeism’ and fewer people quitting. (Source: Deloitte 2022)
for every employee who gets help sooner
wasted therapy sessions, as you only pay for sessions used
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The two routes for providing
workplace mental health support

Proactive (like Spill Safety Net)
mental health screening system
  • Automatic engagement every week, without chasing
  • Spill clinicians get early support to those who need it
  • A return on investment of £6.30 for every £1 spent
Passive (like EAPs or health insurance)
mental health support
  • Engagement drops off and people forget support exists
  • Relies on employees to put themselves forward for help
  • Wasted money paying for support that’s under-used
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